Our Ethiopian Adoption Journey

Saturday, February 05, 2011

We Arrived in Ethiopia!

We took the red eye from London last night on Ethiopian Air. The flight was just over 7 hrs, needless to say we didn’t get a good night’s sleep at all. We arrived in Addis at 7:10am and our ride was waiting for us. We arrived at the hotel, Afro Land Lodge, and it is nice and clean and the staff are extremely attentive.
James has a friend (Teshome) that lives in Ethiopia, he actually was James’ dad’s doctor. We gave him a call and he picked us up and took us out after we had a couple hour nap to get refreshed. We had a great afternoon/evening with him. He took us to a mall where we had lunch. We then went to the Hilton to exchange our US dollars to birr, and we had coffee by the pool. We went to the Sheraton which is the most luxurious hotel in Ethiopia, it was absolutely stunning.

Teshome took us on a short tour of the city and we stopped at a Ethiopian Coptic (Orthodox) church where evening prayer was taking place.  We ended our day at an Ethiopian restaurant called Habesha.  We had a traditional Ethiopian meal while live Ethiopian dancers and singers entertained us. Teshome’s daughter, Lydia  also joined us.  Thanks Teshome, we had a great time!

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