Our Ethiopian Adoption Journey

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Our Last Day in London!

Today we finally feel like we’ve gotten over the jet lag.  Today was a fairly relaxing day for both of us .  James got up bright and early to go golfing with Eric, they were both in their glory.  They started with a full english breakfast at the club house and then golfed 18 holes. James would like to say he kicked Eric’s butt but that would be a lie, Eric took this one (but not by much!).  They had mutton pie for lunch, wouldn’t be my first choice.

When the guys came home, Isabelle and I went to Guilford for some shopping. The town was very quaint with lots of nice shops. We had high tea at Angel hotel which was really good.  When we got home, the guys made an attempt at making homemade fish pie for dinner.  They had some problems, but the finished product was yummy!

Tomorrow we are off to Ethiopia!  We are flying with British Midlands and it is a 7 hr flight. It’s only a few more days before we finally get to meet little Isaac, we are really looking forward to it!

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