Our Ethiopian Adoption Journey

Monday, February 14, 2011

We're Home!

The flight home was very long. We left Addis at 1am and arrived in London 8hrs later. We flew Ethiopian Air and will never use them again.  We were packed in like sardines and it was very uncomfortable.  We had an 8hr layover in London so we went into the city for breakfast and to walk around a bit. James bought Isaac a little Liverpool soccer outfit from Adidas, it’s so cute!  The flight from London to Toronto was another 8hrs but on Air Canada.  This was a great flight, it wasn’t full so James and I split up so we had lots of room.  We arrived in Toronto around 6:00 Saturday evening. It is really good to be home.

We had a great time in Ethiopia! The poverty was overwhelming but the people were so friendly and genuine.  We met some wonderful people and we saw some beautiful places.   Overall, we like Ethiopia very much but Addis was very polluted mainly due to the emissions from all the old cars. The driving was absolutely chaotic at best, there seemed to be no rules whatsoever.  People would walk right in front of cars, I constantly thought we would hit someone.  I was told that if a driver hits a pedestrian and they die, it is automatically 15 years in jail.  So even though it looks like they will hit someone, they really won’t.

We really enjoyed our time with Isaac and we are so thankful that we passed court. We are hoping for a speedy immigration process so we can get him home as soon as possible.  Thank you everyone for all your support and prayers, it truly means a lot. We will continue to update our blog as things happen with our adoption.

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