Our Ethiopian Adoption Journey

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Pool Day!

We started the day with breakfast delivered to our room (included in room rate).  We had cinnamon french toast with maple syrup and coffee and tea.  It was very good!

Today we decided just to chill out!  We went to the Sheraton for the day and lied in the sun and swam in the pool.  It is very nice there and quite reasonable to go for the day.  It was a beautiful, sunny day although there was a cool breeze which made it chilly at times.

We went to a mediterranean restaurant called Serenade for dinner. It was really good! It is very inexpensive to eat out here compared to at home.  So far we have been very impressed with the food here and there are many good restaurants to choose from.

Tomorrow we get to meet Isaac! He is currently at Abenezer orphanage in Addis Ababa.  We are being picked up at 2:30 tomorrow and we can hardly wait!! We will only get about 1/2-1 hr with him.  We have to remember to call him Munir, the last thing he needs is 2 strangers gushing over him and calling him Isaac. Don’t want to confuse the little guy too much.

Stay tuned!

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