Our Ethiopian Adoption Journey

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Home for One Month!

I know it's been awhile since I last posted.  It's been a busy few weeks but lots of fun.  I thought I would take some time to fill you in on what we have been up to.  We can't believe we have been home for a month already.  Isaac is doing really well and he is the most happy, content baby. 

He is a curious little guy and keeps us on our toes. He is a great sleeper which we are so thankful for.  He loves to meet new people and to be the centre of attention.    He loves to be out and exploring so we take him out a lot.  He doesn't care where he goes, he just likes to watch people and take everything in. Isaac rarely is in a bad mood, most of the time he is full of smiles but when he cries he is usually pretty easy to settle.  

Isaac loves to eat! He still is on pureed foods since he is only starting to get teeth.  His favourite foods are spaghetti, avocado, and banana. He got his first taste of icing on a cupcake and loved it. 

He loves going to park and he enjoys swinging on the swing.  Today I bought him a swing that attaches to our deck so he can swing more often now.

 He can't walk yet but is getting very close.  He uses his little walker to walk up and down the hall and he also walk around using anything he can find as a support.  He stood on his own for a few seconds yesterday so that was pretty exciting and he was so proud of himself.  He really enjoys baby einstein videos. He loves things that make noise when they are shook.  Anything that he gets in his hands he tries to shake, it's so cute. I signed him up for Kindermusik for the fall because he seems to really enjoy music.  He loves balloons and goes ballistic whenever he gets close to one. He loves water and he really enjoys his bath.

His first tooth cut through today.  So far, teething has been pretty good. We can recognize the teething cry and give him advil and that does the trick.  James is off on parental leave for the next 17 weeks since he gets a top up from his employer.  We plan to have a really fun summer as a family. We just love Isaac so much and feel so fortunate to have him part of our family. He just fits in so well. He is just amazing!

Last week we took Isaac for his first Ethiopian restaurant experience in Canada.  We went to Lalibela in Toronto.  He did really well and received lots of attention from people in the restaurant.  He tried some chiro which is stewed chick peas with spices pureed. I mixed it with mashed potatoes that I had brought to the restaurant and he just loved it.

Overall, we have enjoyed a wonderful first month with our son and we are looking forward to many more memories and firsts as a family of 3!!!!


  1. Glad you are all doing so well!! Isaac is adorable!!

  2. Great post!! Isaac is the cutest, happiest baby boy I have ever seen. He has such a beautiful spirit. It is a joy to finally have him home as part of our family. The twins cannot get enough of him. We can't wait for our vacation together in July!

    Auntie Stephanie