Our Ethiopian Adoption Journey

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Our flight home.....

The flight home went way better than we could ever imagine. From Addis to Frankfurt, Isaac had a bassinette so he slept the entire flight so we got to sleep some too! We landed in Frankfurt at 5am for a 5hr layover. We found a quiet area with benches and all 3 of us slept for another hour.  The airport had showers so James and I were able to have a much needed shower. From Frankfurt to Toronto, Isaac didn't have the bassinette which we thought was reserved for us. We were in a row of 3 in the centre and Isaac was so tired. The head flight attendant graciously asked the man in our row if he would mind moving to a seat with extra leg room and he jumped on that. He probably was glad to get away from the "potentially" cranky baby. So now Issac was able to sprawl out on the seat between us and have his well deseved nap. Heather, our wonderful flight attendent made our flight extra special.  She brought us Champagne from first class to celebrate our new son and she went out of her way to make the flight comfortable for us.

Upon arriving in Toronto, we went through customs and instead of going directly to claim our luggage we were sent to immigration. The immigration officier reviewed Isaac's documents and said "welcome to Canada" After we collected our luggage and exited the area, Isaac was welcomed by many family and friends holding signs and balloons.  Isaac soaked up all the attention and was very happy even though he just travelled for 20+ hours. It was great to be home and everyone was so happy to finally see Isaac.  Our nieces smothered him with lots of kisses and he was happy to give kisses back. So glad to finally be home!


  1. He is such a little muffin! Adorable! I am so happy and relieved and thrilled for you both! congratulations!!!!!

  2. so awesome... we were really excited to finally get to meet him today. Thanks for the visit and the coffee. He is so cute!

  3. Welcome home!! It was such a treat to meet your adorable son!

    God is SO good!!

    Blessings, Catherine