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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Isaac is Officially a Canadian!

For the past few weeks I have been trying to log on to the Canadian Immigration website to check the status of Isaac's citizenship but with no success.  I spent some time on the phone with the call centre but no one could tell me why I was not able to view the status.  Finally this evening I tried to log on and to my surprise I got in and this is what I saw:

We received your application for Canadian citizenship for a person adopted by a Canadian citizen (after February 14, 1977) - Part 2 Adoptee’s Application, on April 8, 2011
The adopted person became a Canadian citizen on April 26, 2011.
Needless to say I did the biggest happy dance you have ever seen.  I was expecting to see still "in progress" so I was totally shocked to see that our son had already been granted Canadian citizenship.  Awesome!  Now we just have to wait for the facilitation visa to be issued which should be soon. I hope to be able to be in Ethiopia and with my son for Mother's Day, that would be great!
Tonight our small group from church had a shower for us.  It was great and we had a lot of fun! It was perfect timing since we just received the news of Isaac's citizenship just before we left the house so we had lots to celebrate! They are a great bunch of people and we appreciate all the support they have given us.  One of the lady's seventeen year old son, Colin, made a beautiful cake for the occasion. He is very talented young man and this cake is amazing, it tasted great too!

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